The Ultimate Invite Experience











It’s my desire that every attendee is equipped with the tools to be successful within their own business.  It’s my gift to dig deep to find the missing components. The Ultimate Invite is more than a conference or workshop.  It’s an EXPERIENCE. It’s a place for designers to connect and find their inner voice through their designs, processes and techniques. 

We {designer’s} speak a different language that only we can understand.  This a place where guides, HEX codes/Pantone colors + cutters replace papers and pens.

The Ultimate Invite offers a judgement free zone, where I will be the first to raise my hand and say at one time I did not know either and NO ONE WOULD HELP ME!!  Being a part of this mean secret society hurts because it can be a lonely place.  so join me…in a place where  you can share your truths and release your insecurities, cuz at the Ultimate Invite  “you gone learn today!”

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