Custom Made Love is a sticker fulfillment service brought to you by T.evenire, Inc. We offer affordable, no MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) stickers, with a variety of options to choose from, and no additional charge for setting up your cut files! These stickers are perfect for artists who want to start small with their sticker inventory or who want to stock up on large orders.

In spite of stickers appearing simple, choosing the right sticker design is essential, especially for businesses.  A sticker is an opportunity for your business to market itself, as well as to promote the image of your company.

Typically, turnaround time is 7-10 business days, Custom•Made by me and packed with love from Ellenwood, Georgia!



Our stickers come in two different types: Die Cut Sticker and Kiss Cut Sticker Sheets. A Die Cut sticker is cut into the shape of the sticker design, while a Kiss Cut sticker sheet is cut into a sheet with smaller stickers cut only through the sticker layer. 


What Is a Die Cut Sticker? 

Die-cut stickers have a contour-cut liner aligned within a border around the shape of the sticker's artwork. Instead of a blocky cover, you'll get a product that looks fully customized and shares exactly the shape as your sticker's artwork provides.  

Instead of cutting through only one side of the  sticker, this particular sticker style cuts through both sides. There are die-cut stickers available for nearly all geometric shapes and can be designed in any style.



Kiss Cut Stickers are only cut through the printed sticker and not through the backing paper. Plotter uses light pressure to cut out your design while leaving the backing intact. 

As a result of kiss cutting stickers are more likely to bend their backing, making them easier to peel away from their paper backings. The kiss cut method is helpful if you have trouble separating edges with die-cut stickers.